Sunday, September 23, 2007


Seekers enjoy sensory input, and so they want more flavors, colors, sounds, etc.
You might be a Seeker if you:
* sing or make other extra noises [e.g., tapping a pencil]
* touch objects on other people's desks
* chew gum or candy throughout the day
* get up during meetings
* eat a wide variety of foods
* change their routes to familiar places
* have interesting combinations of clothing


sensory one said...

So I am experimenting with a new blog feature, the POLL. I asked some of my friends and family to get onto the blog and answer the question "what sensory pattern are you?"
I checked over the weekend, and only SEEKERS had completed the task! I should have anticipated that this is exactly what would happen! Bystanders probably forgot; Sensors were worried about making a mistake, so didnt finish, and Avoiders couldn't bring themselves to the blog at all!

Daryl Mellard said...

Two profiles have a physical symptom (didn't notice a cut and motion sickness).
Could a similar characteristic be linked to the other profiles?

sensory one said...

this is a really good observation. I will have to think about this a little bit.
Seekers get a lot of pleasure from sensory experiences, but individuals might have different physical symptoms from their enjoyment of movement or sound, etc.