Friday, May 16, 2008


I was up bright and early this morning to participate in a panel discussion on CBC, Canadian Public Radio. here is an excerpt from their intro:

Part 1: Petting Zoos - Panel
...So we thought it was worth exploring what it is that drives us to have a hands-on experience with wild and often dangerous animals.For their thoughts on that, we were joined by two people.

Alan Beck is the Director of the Center for the Human-Animal Bond at Purdue University. He was in West Lafayette, Indiana. And Winnie Dunn is the author of Living Sensationally. She's also the Chair of the Occupational Therapy Department at the University of Kansas, and she was in Kansas City.

Listen to the story:
Winnie Dunn starts about 10 minutes into the story; press "Play Part One"
It is really an interesting story!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I found a great interactive discussion about Living Sensationally on this website:

People provide descriptions of their own experiences with their sensory encounters... check it out!


Today I found an internet site that had a "Friday Book Club" discussion of Living Sensationally.

Terri Mauro provides guidance to parents with children who have special needs. Every Friday she reviews books for the Harried Parent's Book Club, and she selected Living Sensationally. She says it "can help you pinpoint your own sensory needs and how they may conflict with your child's." She goes on to say: "Parents ... benefit... from understanding how their own sensory profiles mess with their perception of the world and govern their behavior. It's easy to think that your child's refusal to do or eat or wear something is willful until you realize how often you, without even noticing, make those same sorts of decisions for yourself based on what feels right. Living Sensationally gives a detailed examination of four sensory styles and how they drive our actions and interactions. It may help you understand how you relate to your child, too, and why arguments arise."

Thanks for letting people know about this helpful resource!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I just found out from the publisher that Living Sensationally is being translated into German.
Das ist fabelhaft!


One of my friends told me this story; it speaks to the power of Living Sensationally to become vernacular!

A family member just became divorced. She was sitting at the kitchen table with her former husband visiting. The man began straightening up the items on the table as they talked. His need to have everything 'just right' was a source of challenge in their relationship.

As they talked, she told him about Living Sensationally, and said she thought that it would be helpful to him. He immediately went to get a copy, and read it that very week. The next time they talked, the man said 'If I had known all of this information for the last 20 years, I don't think we would have been divorced!'.

I am so saddened for the challenges in their marriage, and I am so warmed by his comment that the information was helpful to him. Perhaps his life will be better now, and he can 'live sensationally'!