Friday, November 2, 2007


Yesterday I got the greatest email. It is from a man I met on a plane ride several months ago. We had a lively conversation about sensory patterns and how they affect everyone's life. Nick emailed me to tell me that he had been thinking about these ideas, and saw an application on a TV show.... It is so perfect, I wanted to share it. THANKS NICOLAS GALLO.

Hi Winnie,
I was actually just thinking about you this week; funny you should write. In case you don't remember me, we met on a flight from Chicago to Kansas City and spoke literally the entire way.
I was watching this show on TLC called "John & Kate Plus 8", which documents the lives of a couple with 8 kids - a set of twins and a set of sextuplets. Anyway, it is interesting to see the contrast between the sextuplets in terms of not only their personalities, but also their sensory preferences. It is cool because they really have a large sample set of children to compare each child to. Because of this, I surmise, the parents are more likely to recognize these preferential differences between their children as valid differences, whereas most parents (who have children one at a time) would probably be more likely to ignore a child's sensory preferences (especially if those preferences differ from those of the parent).
Anyway, I am excited to read the book; our conversation was definitely the most interesting plane conversation I have ever had. Good luck to you in all of your endeavors.
Nicolas Gallo

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

LONDON TIMES Story about Living Sensationally

Juliet Rix, a journalist that writes for the London Times, wrote a great story about Living Sensationally Understanding your Senses. Not only is she a great writer, she really understands the concepts in the book. Thanks Juliet.


Today is the Day that I saw my real book for the first time. I have imagined this moment for a very long time, and here it is!

The book is a total sensory experience for me: it is beautiful and fun to look at; the pages feel really creamy, the book smells new like a new car does, it is just the right weight to carry around comfortably... and it says all the things I have been wanting to tell you.