Friday, September 21, 2007


Section 1: Learning about the Sensory Code.
1. Sensation is Everywhere!
2. How the Sensory Systems Work.
3. Cracking Your Sensory Code.

Section 2: Cracking the Sensory Code in Daily Life and Relationships.
4. Sensational Daily Life: Living Each Day with Your Very Own Style.
5. Sensational Relationships.
6. ‘Sense’ Able Parenting: Negotiating Life with Your Children.

Section 3: Cracking the Sensory Code in Specific Areas of Living.
7. Hungry? Let Your Senses Lead the Way!
8. Sensational Wardrobes.
9. Your Home is Your Castle: Creating Living Spaces that Meet Your Sensory Needs.
10. Work is Life Too: Knowing Sensory Patterns at Work Helps You Succeed.
11. Sensational Leisure & Recreation: Let’s Get Personal.

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