Sunday, September 23, 2007


Bystanders are easy going; they tend not to notice what other people notice, so it takes a lot to bother them.
You might be a Bystander if you:
* can work productively with disruptions around
* tend to lose or forget your keys
* easily fit into many situations
* find a cut you didn't know you had
* miss turns when going somewhere
* hear 'I told you that before' more than others
* miss someone calling your name

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sensory one said...

a funny 'Bystander' story happened over the weekend.
Someone who is a Bystander and a football fan had his first experience watching the game from the digital recording, rather than as a live broadcast.
He commented "this is the first game I have seen all the way through! I usually fall asleep during the game and miss parts of the game, but this time, I stayed alert because I was fast forwarding, and really watching the plays."
Adding this active use of the remote during the game provided more sensory input, so this Bystander could stay with it!!
Isn't that a great idea for Bystanders?