Friday, December 11, 2009


I am almost at the end of my work day. I am going to dinner with friends, and then to see a play that promises to be very entertaining.

I love going to the theater because of the way that plays 'PLAY' with our senses. The set design invites us to imagine sensations that we are not actually having, but by tapping our memory of the sensory experiences, we become more involved with the actors and the story. For example, scenes of winter outside the windows of a cozy home remind us of our personal experiences with heat and cold. We might shiver or take our jackets off as we watch. Scenes about cooking might remind us of smells or tastes we have experienced, bringing thos memories into our experience.

I also love the experience the actors, director and others create for me. I have learned that I have sensory and emotional experiences whether the play is wonderful or marginal; engaging our minds to use what we experience in a new way can never be a bad thing.

Think about what ignites your senses; do something that taps your sensory memories this weekend. I will see you back here to find out about them.

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