Friday, April 26, 2013


Thanks to everyone for stopping by our poster at AOTA. Here is the link to the STRENGTHS BASED COACHING handouts.
Strengths based coaching handouts

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Elena Claire said...

Love these resources, Winnie!

I am so psyched about this research! As a student OT, about to graduate, I really appreciate these practical resource - I attend McMaster University, in Ontario, where we learn that families, clients are the experts, but how to implement that as a therapist isn't always clear, especially since that isn't always what you see on placement.
I think it might be helpful to people if you included Harnessing strengths: Daring to Celebrate EVERYONE'S Unique Contributions, Part I, as well for background. Also, is there a Part II yet? I am looking forward to that!

Thanks again, OT Superstar!