Monday, May 10, 2010


I just got home from the World Federation of Occupational Therapy meeting in Santiago, Chile. It is so great to get a world view of one's profession, and to see how thinking is advancing from so many points of view!

A young therapist stopped to tell me a great story about Living Sensationally. She is completing a year of community service in Bangladesh, a country that provides intense sensory experiences because of the density of their population. She told me that some volunteers are overwhelmed and cannot complete their service, but that she has really loved the work and will be continuing there.

She stopped to tell me that on one particular trip, she was on a boat and reading Living Sensationally. People started asking her about it, and others started listening in. She eventually had more than a dozen people gathered around listening, an impromptu workshop! She told me that people found the information so helpful for their work in Bangladesh, and want to pursue using the information to help new volunteers with strategies to manage their sensory needs while in their service. Here is another way that knowing about one's sensory patterns can make life better!

I am so grateful to this young therapist for sharing her story.

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