Friday, May 15, 2009

SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD for Living Sensationally

The CHILDREN OF THE NEW EARTH online magazine is awarding Living Sensationally the SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD in their July 2009 publication. I am very honored to have this recognition! Here is their criteria:

"The CNE SEAL OF EXCELLENCE is an award that is created and awarded by
the Children of the New Earth Magazine management team to recognize
products, books, and CD’s that, in our opinion, are outstanding in
their field. Unlike other internationally recognized ‘Seals of Approval’, The CNE
SEAL OF EXCELLENCE is not dependent upon any monetary gain in terms of
advertising or sponsorship. Rather, it is awarded on a totally
impartial basis by consensus of the CNE Senior Management based on the
following criteria:
* It must meet a particularly high standard in terms of the
emotional support and practical guidance it offers parents, teachers,
and caregivers
* It must nurture, safeguard and support children’s bodies, minds,
and spirits, and enrich their sense of self
* It fosters an attitude of kindness and compassion for all life and nature
* It empowers children to achieve their highest potential
* It helps children develop resilience and strong social and
emotional skills
* It acknowledges and provides practical solutions for ways in
which parents and society can begin to recognize and address both the
special gifts as well the emotional, physical, and educational
challenges that are unique to today’s evolving generation of children
* It must provide parents with real, solid, practical and above
all truthful information assistance, insights and/or tools to parent
their children lovingly, supportively and holistically and to the
highest possible standard."

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