Thursday, January 22, 2009

LIVING SENSATIONALLY tips for the week

Instead of New Year's Resolutions, how about we resolve to live the best way possible?

One of the ways to live the best you possibly can, is by celebrating your sensory patterns. so here are some ideas in the realm of WARDROBES:
Think about the characteristics of your favorite outfit from a sensory point of view. These characteristics can guide you to other clothing choices, and also provide support for getting rid of the things that dont completely honor your sensory patterns. When you are completely comfortable and confident in your clothing, you exude light, optimism, courage and happiness.

SEEKERS: consider the weight of your clothing; do you like layers? heavy jewelry? fitted pieces? all of these choices provide extra input throughout the day, and may be helpful to meeting your seeking needs.

AVOIDERS: since you may have a sparse wardrobe, consider what sensory experiences cause you to include or discard items. If you can identify EXACTLY what is acceptable to you, then you can be ready when something wears out and you need to replace it.

SENSORS: You are very picky about your wardrobe; write down what the precise characteristics are, so you start thinking about the sensory experiences that you must include in your clothing choices. When you are mindful of these characteristics, you are less likely to just cringe at an item, and more likely to say 'that is not a choice, because...'

BYSTANDERS: You may not pay much attention to your wardrobe. However, there are situations when your clothing tell a story about you. Get a friend to help you create entire outfits; take a picture of all the parts together, so you can recreate these outifts when you need to project a certain look.

Happy Dressing! You will look sensational!

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