Wednesday, October 17, 2007


My husband led a dedicated group of friends and family to throw a surprise party for me to celebrate Living Sensationally: Understanding your Senses being available this week YEA!!!].
We celebrated at the LOCUST FACTORY [18th and Locust, KC], the art studio of several of my artist friends. It was the perfect space for celebrating creative endeavors, with beautiful art all around. My friend Brian made sure we had a big poster with the book cover on it to welcome everyone to the space.

All my Yoga friends, artist friends, professional friends, book club friends, neighbors, family and even Tim's staff from City Pets & Ponds were there to celebrate with me. My daughter Jessica had her friends Jason and Julie there to be the classiest servers I have ever seen at a party.

My nephew Michael drove my mother here from St. Louis for the event; What a gift of love that was! And my sister pitched in by taking care of everyone's dogs so they could make the trip. Even that wierd 'one day visit' didn't trigger me to wonder what was going on!

What a life I have with all these incredible people. And you will learn about many of them in the anonymous stories in the book; of course everyone thinks the stories are about them, so you will all have to share.

THANKS and I LOVE all of you!

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